Sites I Listen To

Our instructors suggested we add a blogroll to our site. However, because my super-clean theme does not support a blog roll, and because it seemed silly to try and isolate a handful of of the eleventy bajillion sites I’ve stuffed into my feedly, here is a list of podcasts I listen to regularly.

The Slate Gabfests
In my estimation, no publication does podcasting as well as Slate does.¬†Andy Bowers, the executive producer of Slate’s podcasts, seems to have done one hell of a job.

Hang Up and Listen!
The Slate Political Gabfest
The Slate Culture Gabfest

The Economics Podcasts
Probably the main reason I’ve begun gravitating toward business journalism at all. I don’t necessarily agree with everything that’s shared on here, but ¬†interesting consumption nonetheless.

Coffee and Markets
Planet Money

Tech Podcasts
I don’t listen to these as religiously as the above, but their feeds are still in my podkicker.

The Vergecast
New Tech City

Humor Podcasts
These are the reason why I’m sniggering (or sometimes even snorting) on the train in the morning.

Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!
The Bugle
WTF with Marc Maron

Sports Podcasts
I don’t seem to actually have time to watch sports anymore, so I stay connected with these.

The B.S. Report
The Men in Blazers
The Grantland NFL Podcast
SVP and Russillo
The Starters